Video Content Planner


Video Content Planner

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$49.00 USD

Never Worry About What to Say on Camera Again!

I've finally created a video content planner that actually works.

For only $49 you can now use the same video planner that I do!

The planner includes:

  • Video Topic Ideas
    Fill in the blanks to help inspire your next video. Sometimes we just need a good idea to help spark our creativity.
  • Video Flow Framework 
    Once you hit record or go live, this framework gives you a structure for presenting your content in a way that keeps flowing so you don’t have to think about what to do on camera. This is the framework I use for my videos.
  • Content Worksheet
    This worksheet has questions to guide the content of your videos. In this fillable space you will answer questions to help you come up with engaging content for your videos.

You can print the planner out or fill in the worksheet on your computer!

My goal is that you use this planner over-and-over again to help you create engaging content and help convert your audience into customers.

Download now for limited time price of $49.


Alex Houg

"If you are struggling to know what to say in your videos, then you need this video content planner from Travis. It simplifies the content creation process without overwhelm or analysis paralysis."

Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads Expert

Cheryl Pierce

"I love how the video planner is short and succinct.  The flow framework checklist really helps in structuring my content.  Travis created this easy to use, on point planner so you could create a focused and very clear message to your audience.  Thank you, Travis, my Facebook Live videos are going to be better from now on because of the framework you provided."

Lisa Monette

"Travis has taken overwhelm in content creation, and turned it into an easy tool to amplify your videos messaging. This brilliant planner is the missing structure I needed!"

Camera Confidence Coach

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