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Hey there! I'm Travis

I help you connect with your audience through video.

Hey there! I'm Travis

I help you connect with your audience through video. 

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Now is the time
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Video is the most compelling way to connect with your audience today.
  I'll help you leverage the right tech to minimize production time, so you can focus on serving your audience.

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Video Courses

DIY Video Academy

DIY Video Academy


Video Made Easy! Step-by-step training on Cameras, Audio, Lighting, Editing, and Mindset from top video producer Travis Shields. Start immediately. Cancel anytime.  

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Camtasia Masterclass

Camtasia Masterclass

42 lessons for both Windows and Mac on how to quickly and easily create gorgeous videos using Camtasia.

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Screenflow Masterclass

Screenflow Masterclass

19 tutorial lessons on how to easily record your screen, edit your video, and share with the world.

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Video Content Planner

Download the PDF here!

$29.00 USD

Never Worry About What to Say on Camera Again!

I've finally created a video content planner that actually works.

For only $29 you can now use the same video planner that I do!

The planner includes:

  • Video Topic Ideas
    Fill in the blanks to help inspire your next video. Sometimes we just need a good idea to help spark our creativity.
  • Video Flow Framework 
    Once you hit record or go live, this framework gives you a structure for presenting your content in a way that keeps flowing so you don’t have to think about what to do on camera. This is the framework I use for my videos.
  • Content Worksheet
    This worksheet has questions to guide the content of your videos. In this fillable space you will answer questions to help you come up with engaging content for your videos.

You can print the planner out or fill in the worksheet on your computer!

My goal is that you use this planner over-and-over again to help you create engaging content and help convert your audience into customers.

Download now for limited time price of $29.



My hope is that you see video as something you can do
– and do well –
even if you are just getting started.

I'm here to help!


Instead of spending too much time struggling with tech and figuring out what gear to buy, let me help you get past the tech issues QUICKLY!

Whether we dig into your technology needs, or tool you up on how to be authentic and influential on ANY video you shoot for your brand, my video consulting services can support you in accelerating your business objectives in a FRACTION of the time and cost.

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Film With Me In Portland! 

Have you been meaning to create your online course but need an expert?

Travis has produced seven multimillion-dollar video campaigns for top internet marketer, Brendon Burchard, and multiple successful online marketing videos that have made millions of dollars for thought leaders and influencers.

Now it's your turn!

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Branding Videos 

I founded my studio Shields Films 19 years ago and am really grateful to be able to spend my days doing what I love most while at the same time helping businesses in my community grow and thrive. I’ve been fortunate enough to win 5 Telly Awards in the last few years so I’m pretty proud of my work.

I’ve assembled an amazing crew of talented cinematographers, sound recordists and PA’s to cover any size project, so we can scale to fit your budget and vision. 

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